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Why is routine maintenance of solar PV panels essential?

There are many factors that reduce the performance of a solar PV panel installation and, unfortunately, many firms who install them are unaware that their panels are not performing effectively, or producing the expected levels of renewable energy as they believe – which is why the maintenance of solar PV panels is essential.

As a reputable company, Discover More does not agree with solar panel installers who promise their solar panels to be a 'fit and forget' technology, which is why our team offers an impressive service to monitor and maintain solar PV panel installations to ensure they work as effectively as they should do.

If your business has a solar PV panel installation, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your solar PV system performing to its full potential?
  • Is it economically viable to allow an expensive ground or roof-mounted photovoltaic solar system to underperform or, even worse, sit dormant?
  • Then finally ask yourself: “How much revenue am I potentially losing through system failure or under performance?”

Solar PV panel 'Maintenance and Monitoring Packages'

That’s because everything degrades over time and if you want to continue gaining maximum reward on your hard earned renewable energy investment, look no further than Discover More’s solar PV panel ‘Maintenance and Monitoring Packages’.

It may be the case that a component is obviously not working and the company that installed the solar system for your business is no longer answering your calls and emails or the office doors are firmly closed. It maybe that you just need an inspection or solar warranty repair so who do you call?

Achieve a safe and productive solar PV system

The benefits of Discover More’s Facilities Management are bountiful: from self or assisted monitoring to reports and annual maintenance checks which have been carefully designed to help you achieve a safe and productive solar PV system.

We can provide clients with either our ‘Discover More Premium Package’ which enables a client to monitor the efficiency of their solar power system. Or there is the ‘Discover More Premium Plus’, which is a comprehensive assisted monitoring and maintenance package with a set price index for systems up to 50Kw, 150Kw and 250Kw and, for those larger systems, a bespoke package is available.

Discover Energy are one of the few companies willing to take on the maintenance of other solar energy installers’ projects and our monitoring and maintenance packages are designed to ensure that our customers receive the best possible return on their investment.

We will be there to answer that phone call when something goes wrong!

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