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Discover Energy is a leading installer of solar PV panel projects and offers nationwide renewable energy consultancy services enabling commercial and agricultural businesses access to our industry-leading experts in the following areas:

On/Off Grid & Hybrid Solar PV Systems

Assessing the suitability and designing an on/off or hybrid grid applications can be complex. A detailed analysis is needed to understand a client's 'load profile' including present and future energy demand requirements. This will determine the size of the required PV system, batteries and back-up generator and is crucial to create a workable solution.

A feasibility assessment is a mandatory requirement prior to submitting a system design and quotation proposals.

Grid Connection Consultancy

Discover Energy provides nationwide assistance in assessing the suitability, gathering quotations and managing new or upgrade works of existing grid connections.

Our expertise ensures that our clients get the best connection offer available and we help them through the complex procedure of securing a grid connection.

We are well placed to appraise the Distribution Network Operators (DNO) quotation for technical, wayleave and cost considerations. By looking at options such as the contestable element of a connection offer and alternate cable routes, Discover Energy can identify connection cost savings.

Renewable Energy Grid Connection Consultancy

Discover Energy provides regulatory, process and technical advice to power generation customers and developers who want to connect non-renewable and renewable energy generation to the National Grid. From an initial feasibility study for grid connection, to the electrical design of the installation and final compliance testing, the experts at Discover Energy can assist with every step of a client's project development.

Discover Energy's technical team has worked on more than 800 generation grid connections from 15kW up to 5MW. Our experience and expertise is unrivalled.

Power Purchase Agreements and Meter Operator Negotiations

Any new or upgrade to a grid connection is potentially accompanied with the requirement for a brand new meter installation or an upgrade to the existing supply meter.

The team at Discover Energy has a wealth of experience in negotiating power purchase agreements and installation contracts for new metering equipment. Our valued relationships with energy suppliers and meter operators provides access to the best contracts currently available.

Renewable Energy Feasibility

Our renewable and sustainability consultancy can advise on the suitability of various renewable and sustainable solutions. Often our reports are used as a business roadmap to initially identify areas that be improved to increase energy efficiency and formed into a long term plan for their implementation.

Our reports can be broad or specific depending on your requirements and can assess suitability from one to many renewable energy and sustainable solutions.

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