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Off Grid

Is an off-grid and/or hybrid power system right for you?

With growing energy bills affecting farms and businesses, there's a growing trend to look at reducing those bills with renewable energy supplies such as installing solar PV panels, but there's another potential solution which suits a lot of firms - particularly if they are in remote areas - and that's to install off-grid power supply systems as well as hybrid power systems.

Off-grid power supply

Off-grid power supply systems offer a complete electricity supply to remote farmsteads or commercial buildings that do not have access to the National Grid. As solar is an intermittent fuel source, a back-up generator ensures 100% reliability even when there is a long period of bad weather. No special permits are needed for off-grid power supply systems from the electricity distribution companies so these energy sources make for a convenient addition to a client's current power supply.

Back-up power source

Having a back-up power source is an ideal solution for those places that do not have access to a reliable source of power. In addition, off-grid power supply systems offer users a clean and uninterruptible back-up power source which is more effective than traditional systems that offer uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS. Another attraction for clients is that the excess generated energy can help lower consumption while maintaining battery reserves should there be grid supply shortages.


Hybrid power supply systems not only provide a reliable power source but can also feed any excess generated energy into the National Grid. The systems can also be configured to boost self-consumption, which makes them the ideal choice for clients who would prefer to use electricity from the National Grid while sending the system's excess production the other way. Where grid connections are available this solution makes for an ideal choice. However, their capacity might be restricted allowing a combination of grid, solar and diesel generator back-up power. These systems are also very useful if you often experience grid outages and your power requirements are 'mission critical'.

Large and distributed On/Off-grid systems

For larger electricity consumers, such as remote factories and farms, quarries and telecommunication base stations as well as remote villages that have distributed power generation, hybrid power solutions from Discover Energy will provide a reliable and flexible energy source that is compatible with other energy sources, including back-up sources.

Peak shaving

The term 'Peak shaving' is used to describe how energy users can reduce their energy costs by lowering their consumption during peak times when electricity payment rates are at their highest by lowering their electricity supply rating. An installed energy storage system from Discover Energy allows for the storage of the electricity produced by the solar PV system or harvested from the grid in off-peak periods for the purpose of consumption during peak times. A perfect solution for medium and large industry energy users.

Fuel saving

Clients wanting significant reductions to their energy costs can do so by connecting a solar photovoltaic system from Discover Energy to an electricity generator which will help reduce their dependence on expensive fuel supply.

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